Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is a mountainous Caribbean island lodged in the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. The volcanic island spans 290 square miles with a peak in elevation at 4,747 feet high. Home to approximately 15,000 residents is Roseau, the island’s largest and capital city.

As a member of the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States), the official currency used in Dominica is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar ($EC) Currently the exchange rate is as follow;

$1 USD= $2.70 EC, $1 CAD= $2.12 EC, €1 EUR= $3.28 EC, £1 GBP= $3.63 EC

The official language spoken in Dominica is English. Considered to be a distant dialect of the Antillean Creole, the French-based Dominican Creole is also spoken colloquially among the natives on the island.

The people of Dominica are largely represented by the Afro-Caribbean community, comprising 86.6% of the country’s population. Persons of multiracial heritage represent 9.1% of Dominica’s population while a significant 2.9% illustrates the island’s indigenous Kalinago People, the only island to home a considerably distinct and large
Kalinago ethnic community. Together, the island’s population is referred to as Dominicans.