Barbados is densely populated by approximately 287,000 people on its 169 square mile (439
square km) sized land. Housing several tourist attractions, Bridgetown is the country’s largest
and capital city.

The Barbadian Dollar (BBD) is Barbados’ official currency while a majority of establishments
also accept U.S Dollars (USD). While USD payment is widely accepted, change will be
administered in BBD.

Currently the exchange rate is as follow;

$1 USD= $2.02 BBD, $1 CAD= $1.56 BBD, €1 EUR= $2.43 BBD, £1 GBP= $2.71 BBD

The official language of Barbados is English. Locals and residents communicate informally in an
english-based creole referred to as Bajan.

Barbados’ population comprises predominantly Afro-Caribbean people as well as European and
Asian descent minorities. The hospitable people of Barbados are officially referred to as
Barbadians and colloquially known as Bajan.