Sint Maarten is a dutch constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands in the Caribbean occupying the southern third of the island. Occupying the northern two-thirds of Saint Martin island is the overseas collectivity of France known as Saint-Martin. Spanning a total of 37 square miles, both countries occupy the Caribbean island known
as Saint Martin. Collectively, both countries are referred to as SXM.

Occupying 13 square miles, Sint Maarten is home to a population of approximately 41,500 people of which roughly 1,900 reside in the capital, Phillipsburg.

Saint-Martin spans 20.5 square miles with a population of roughly 34,000 people. Its largest and the capital city is Marigot.

The official currency of Saint-Martin is the Euro, (EUR) while the U.S Dollar is widely accepted.

The official currency of Sint Maarten is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder, abbreviated (ANG). The U.S Dollar is also widely accepted.

Currently the exchange rate is as follow;

$1USD= ƒ1.79 ANG, $1 CAD= ƒ1.40 ANG, €1 EUR= ƒ2.17 ANG, £1 GBP= ƒ2.40 ANG

$1USD= €0.83​, $1 CAD= €0.65​, £1 GBP= € 1.15


The official languages used in Sint Maarten are English and Dutch. English is most
commonly spoken as the country’s majority first language while Dutch is officially used
in communication with the Dutch Government.

The official language of Saint-Martin is French while English is commonly wide spoken.

The people of Saint-Martin are predominantly of African descent or mixed African and European descent.

Sint Maarten’s national composition is largely represented by people of the Netherlands with prominent minority communities represented by Jamaica, Dominica Republic, Guyana, Haiti, and Dominica.

French and Dutch side respectively, natives of the island are known as Saint-Martinois and St. Maarteners.