The sole country to be named after a woman, Saint Lucia is a volcanic West Indian island lying in the Caribbean Sea covering 238 square miles in area. Home to approximately 182,000 people, its largest and capital city, Castries, houses roughly 20,000 of its people.

As a member of the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States), the official currency used in Saint Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar ($EC)

Currently, the exchange rate is as follow;

$1 USD= $2.70 EC, $1 CAD= $2.12 EC, €1 EUR= $3.28 EC, £1 GBP= $3.63 EC

The official language of Saint Lucia is English while Saint Lucian Creole (Kwéyòl or Patois) is the widely spoken language colloquially used among natives. Antillean Creole also has increasing popularity on the island. Both creole languages possess a strong French influence.

Afro-Caribbean/ Black People represent Saint Lucia’s dominant ethnic group, constituting 85% of the population. Mixed persons amount to the second-largest ethnic group present while East Indians have a slowly growing community. Natives and members of the island’s diaspora are referred to as Saint Lucians or affectionately, Lucians.