Rooted in the blue Caribbean Sea, flanked by the American continents, is a network of thousands of islands, chains and archipelagos forming what is known as the Caribbean Region. Long identified as the West Indies, the Caribbean Region encompasses larger islands of the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles and historically and politically the Lucayan Archipelago. A home to twenty-five countries and approximately 43,721,000 people, the Caribbean region is the mecca of vibrant culture, fertile history, daring adventures and more, furnished with exquisitely lavish backdrops, above and under its pristine shorelines.

The Caribbean islands’ idyllic geographical location, coupled with its exuberant culture and history, bestows an elusive exploration and discovery of the region’s natural wonders and hidden gems. The warm sun-soaked shores stretch unadulterated miles of coral white sand, turquoise blue waters and dramatic reefs waiting to be seen. Explorers hop beaches ranked most beautiful in the world, joining in on the unique thrilling watersports and activities washed ashore. These profusely rich islands are also known prolific habitats to majestic connecting rivers, meandering through rainforests of endemic flora and fauna species before plunging hundreds of feet into emerald pools and rejuvenating jacuzzis.

As fertile is the land, rich is the culture. Children of the Caribbean soil continually express their freedom and autonomy through a wealth of festivals, parades, dance, music and many other dynamic proclamations, all demanding first-hand participation. Scores of travellers are known to tour the islands’ acclaimed carnival festivals, street parades and eclectic events yearly. As the Caribbean serenades its visitors with authentic expositions inaccessible elsewhere, facilitating this true re-discovery of the region is Relaxcation’s core goal.

Relaxcation is a Caribbean-owned, Caribbean-focused concierge travel service spotlighted on seeing the region authentically afresh. While the Caribbean has succumbed to the stripping of its authenticity and customs by international markets, being paraded for unsustainable tourist consumption, Relaxcation revolves around a more genuine exploration. Most noteworthy is our commitment to supporting and partnering with local service providers and suppliers. In order to preserve the island’s culture while encouraging community investment, Relaxcation focalises on the talents and resources of local providers on every scale.

Through the use of Relaxcation’s services, visitors are capable of accessing everything Caribbean-travel connected, conveniently in one place. Here you can interface with booking flights and your luxurious stay, not before browsing each country and island’s exclusively unparalleled escapades and experiences. Relaxcation streamlines your every travel need, making your Caribbean vacation a seamless click away.

Deciding which destination climbs to the top is the most difficult part but with your bucket-list in hand, and the help of Relaxcation, it crosses off to an easy choice tailored exactly to you or your travel group.