Much like the animated streets of the islands buzz with high spirited energy, so do the shores sparkle with its own exploits. A true haven for sea adventure, the Caribbean washes up endless sand and salt activities that leave a long lasting taste. The region’s aquamarine waters, coupled with white-sand shores, warmly welcomes sailors to its renowned nautical events and memorable regattas held across the calendar annually. In true island-style, the beat never skips from the road to the boat. Scores of spectators, friends, family and visitors flock trampled shores to witness buzzing boat races of varied sizes. Generating palpable vibes, the excitement and spirit of each event is much bigger than any result. Gears up and mark your calendars, here’s the list of Caribbean regattas we’re sailing to next!

Grenada Sailing Festival

Held at the end of January annually at Port Louis Marina, the spice isle enthralls sailors and enthusiasts with its premier sailing festival. This acclaimed regatta splashes up four days of world class boat racing, hosting international judges and awards. With categories ranging from professional to fun cruiser racing, the Grenada Sailing Festival sports something for everyone. Four days of racing yields four days of rousing activities and festive beach parties. Continuing a second weekend, crowds rally at the WorkBoat Regatta on Grand Anse beach where the islands’ community sailors match-up and face off with each other. Decorated with colourful powerboats, the islands’ regatta is a vibrant embodiment of the people’s spirit and camaraderie. This well-liked sailing festival is worth plunging right into.

Bartica Regatta, Guyana

Originating in 1947, the Bartica Regatta is a staple in Guyanaese culture and its oldest regatta. Held on Easter weekend every year, this regatta takes place on the banks of the Essequibo River in Bartica, Guyana. The country’s largest river sets the scene for the treasured regatta splattering out a whirlpool of compelling events and activities catered to every crowd. Sailors, fanatics and the rest all soak in the thrill of the power boat races every Easter weekend. The vivacious energy spills into the streets where scores frolic the road jams, dancing and gyrating to electrifying uptempo music. Waiting to charm eager visitors of the regatta are the beautiful contestants of the esteemed Miss Regatta Beauty Pageant. Truly something for everyone, Guyana’s Easter Bartica Regatta is a cultural gathering to remember.

Antigua Sailing Week

The Caribbean’s premier regatta sails a week long in the tropical island of Antigua. Running steady since the 1940s, Antigua’s Sailing Week has since cruised its way to international acclaim marking its spot on the sailing calendar. Ranking top 3 in the world, this regatta invites sailors and captains of the globe to compete on its pristine shores. Antigua Sailing Week dominates the English Harbour’s activities at the end of April into May annually. As this regatta continues to expand, it has been home to hundreds of entrants and thousands of spectators yearly. When the yachts dock the party continues at this sailing festival; crowds revel in the lively entertainment and multiple boozy side events ashore. Most popular is the all-day Lay-Day beach party celebrated in Pigeon Point where barbecue, beers and beach activities stain the menu. Whether your interests lie in the yacht-racing action or the sea-side frenzy, Antigua Sailing Week is the regatta to see.

Grenada Sailing Week

Not to be confused with Grenada Sailing Festival , Grenada Sailing Week is the spice isle’s burgeoning international regatta with its own accomplishments. Grenada’s waters provide an idyllic sailing experience so it’s no surprise it is amongst the region’s leading yachting centres. Founded in 2013, Grenada Sailing Week quickly earned its distinction hosting a variety of exciting courses, class ranges and heart-stopping races. Held on the last week of January/ first week of February, this regatta enthusiastically kickstarts the Caribbean’s sailing season at the Camper & Nicholson Port Louis Marina. Four days of racing plus six nights of partying perfectly sums up Grenada Sailing Week. The final night is signed off with a glamorous gala under the stars inviting attendees to get down and boogie with the help of Mount Gay Rum. Proving to be a real feat, Grenada Sailing Week is a new, but noteworthy, Caribbean treat. Pack extra sunscreen! D vybz cyah done! The islands host numerous regattas warranting an essential Caribbean voyage. Listed are four but the region paddles up so much more.