Globally, uncovering the Caribbean islands has become the holy grail of many bucket lists. Overflowing with diverse cocktails of unique cultural experiences, wildlife adventures, mouth-watering cuisine and the nuances in-between, the region proves to be the ultimate tourist capital. With a warm embrace to all, the Caribbean’s untouched beauty and charming locals welcome eager travellers from every corner who pack an insatiable thirst for cultural adventures and expeditions.

Inescapably, the fresh island air continues to seduce travellers for a deep quenching inhale. Rejecting the hierarchy of international and regional travel, Caribbean nationals also opt to explore their neighbouring backyards, relishing domestic and regional experiences and vacations previously gone under the radar or unexplored.

Explorers may wonder; how does one sink their teeth deep into the fruits of the islands and draw the best experience possible? With an eventful yearly calendar of activities, the perfect Caribbean vacation simply lies at the intersection of your wants and when.

Let’s begin exploring!

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines- (26th- 30th January)

Grenada- (January-February)

Trinidad- (February – March)

Curacao- (April)

Guyana- (Easter/ April)

Tobago- (April)

Antigua- (April- May)

St Maarten/ St Martin (SXM) – (Mid-April – May)

Bermuda- (End of May)

Turks & Caicos- (July)

Jamaica- (Mid-July)

Barbados- (August)

Saint Lucia- (October)

The Bahamas- (December 26th, Boxing Day)

Dominica- (December- January)

While these shine a light on just some of the cultural celebrations and adventures across the region, the Caribbean is bursting with more waiting to be explored. Are you still asking yourself where to even begin? Check out Relaxcation where expert Caribbean concierges transform your dream vacation into a true island reality.