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Nature by day, Party island by night! Tour this high-spirited Caribbean island, fertile with adventure and countless festivities. Blending a fusion of cultures and traditions, Trinidad charms its visitors with the sweet sounds of the steelpan and an abundance of unique street food, such as doubles , all native to the country. Nesting just off the South American coast, this tropical island delivers voyage-worthy flora and fauna coupled with a vibrating metropolis. At the heart of Trinidad is its eccentric and lauded two-day-parade; Carnival, earning the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ title, as it continues to be replicated globally. Trinidad eagerly provides the perfect playground for many, offering an escape into a buzzing nightlife or an exploration into its picturesque terrains.

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COVID Guidelines

COVID Guidelines

Trinidad currently exists on the COVID-19 Level 3 Warning State as borders remain closed and travellers are advised to avoid...
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General Information

Situated off the coast of Venezuela, Trinidad’s capital city is Port-of-Spain, a cosmopolitan metropolis. The Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TTD)...

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Saucy curried chickpeas (channa) loosely held together by two golden and crisp fried dough pieces (barra) often dressed with sweet tamarind sauce, grated cucumbers and hot sauce to your liking.


A flamboyant two-day street parade held before Ash Wednesday birthed through the country’s colonial history. This extravaganza perfectly captures and displays the country’s heart and soul


Made from steel drums, the Steelpan is Trinidad’s acclaimed musical instrument- the only percussion instrument originating from the 20th century!

Bake & Shark

Popular seafood sandwich from Maracas Bay; lightly seasoned and fried shark pieces supported by flour fried in extremely hot oil then sliced open. Get creative with an assortment of local condiments and add-ons available at each food hut

Calypso / Soca

Melodic musical genres native to the country with a heightened popularity during the carnival season, often coupled with contemporary social

Pitch Lake

Largest of its kind, the pitch lake holds an estimated 10 million tons of natural asphalt, stretching 100 acres wide and approximately 250 feet deep!