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Experience freedom like no other.  Explore the beating pulse of the Caribbean with your next trip to the lush island of Jamaica!  Settled in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a culturally rich island with an undeniable vibe perfect for vacation, romance, adventure, and all the in-between.  Called the “Land of Wood and Water”, Jamaica is nothing shy of luxurious waterfalls, rivers, and beaches. Here you can enjoy raft rides on the wondrous connecting rivers of Ochos Rios or marvel at the deep shades of the Blue Lagoon.  Coupled with the tropical landscape, is a people bursting with vibrant arts, food, and culture. As the birthplace of Reggae and the Rastafarian religion, Jamaica proudly celebrates its contribution to the world year-round, hosting several acclaimed reggae festivals and concerts. Whether you’re retreating to the rural haven of Negril or attending exhibitions and conferences in the renowned Jamaica Pegasus, Jamaica completely submerges you in its perfect island paradise!

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General Information

General Information

Jamaica is the third-largest Caribbean island stretching 146 miles long and 22-50 miles wide, covering 4,240 square miles in area....
COVID Guidelines

COVID Guidelines

Jamaica currently lies on the Level 4 Covid Alert with a very high level of Covid-19 according to the CDC....

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Best known for

Jamaican Patties

Exported to every corner of the world, Jamaican patties are a golden-crusted flaky pastry usually filled with seasoned ground beef or curried goat. Locals are known to scoff these down sandwiched between local coco bread.


This is a tasty fried Jamaican dumpling; Festivals are one of the island’s favourite comfort food, dished out with savoury fish and coleslaw.  This oval-shaped fried cornmeal dough packs a slightly sweet flavour.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley- Son of Jamaican soil, reggae pioneer, and music legend, Bob Marley is arguably Jamaica’s greatest legacy. Since his passing, his Kingston home has been converted to a well-visited museum.

Reggae & Dancehall

Two musical genres to be birthed on the island, borrowing influence from each other, reggae and dancehall continues to be celebrated internationally for their invaluable contribution to music.

Usain Bolt

The world’s greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt is Jamaica’s record-smashing, highly decorated multiple Olympic gold medalist.

Jerk Chicken

The most quintessential Jamaican dish, cooked and celebrated across the island is jerk chicken.  Well seasoned with Caribbean spices and marinade, this
deliciously grilled chicken stacks up varying levels of spicy heat for your liking.