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Tickle your nature senses in the unspoiled emerald paradise of Guyana! Washed by the Atlantic on the northern South American continent, is the profuse Caribbean country of Guyana.  A wonderland of preserved and pristine terrains, travelers journey off beaten paths to natural phenomena words fail to tell.  Capture by plane the world’s largest single-drop waterfall ahead of spotting the elusive jaguar settled in the Amazon Rainforest.  Lavish in nature, Guyana is also fertile in culture; discover how the land’s indigenous tribes straddle wild bulls or celebrate the Hindu festival of color.  A land naturally rich beyond; Guyana is your treasure waiting to be found.

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General Information

General Information

Guyana, officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, is a heavily forested Caribbean country situated in the northern mainland of South...
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COVID Guidelines

Guyana currently lies on the Level 4 Covid Alert with a very high level of the Covid-19 according to the...

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Kaieteur Falls

The world’s largest, by volume of water, single-drop waterfall standing 741 ft in Guyana’s region of the Amazon Rainforest.

Demerara Harbour Bridge

Guyana’s 1,851m long floating transit bridge crossing the Demerara River. Commissioned in 1978 to last 10 years, the pontoon bridge is still
operational today.

Chicken Curry

Guyana’s well-discussed and quintessential curry dish of seasoned
chicken simmered in a curry powder-garam mixture typically served with rice or roti.


Guyana’s national dish; a traditional indigenous meat stew, most commonly
goat, mutton, pork, or beef, made with a sticky black sauce from the cassava root.  Bursting with its distinct flavor, this dish is especially loved on Christmas and special occasions.


Guyana’s historical largest and capital city, home to preserved British colonial architecture decorated with several tourist attractions including one of the
world’s tallest wooden buildings.

El Dorado Rum

Guyana’s treasured aged rum brand, manufactured in 18th and 19th-century vats on the East Bank of Demerara River.