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Unearth the unsullied. Journey above and under the Caribbean’s leading nature island of Dominica! Nesting in the Lesser Antilles, Dominica delivers daring nature activities coupled with dramatic vantage points across its rugged and unspoilt terrains. Marvel up-close the mystifying boiling lake or embrace Trafalgar Falls’ encircling rainbow in a trek through the island’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. This lush and alpine Caribbean island charms a blissful exploration of preserved culture in an untouched island paradise. Seize adventure as you discover Dominica!

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General Information

General Information

Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is a mountainous Caribbean island lodged in the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean...
COVID Guidelines

COVID Guidelines

Dominica currently lies on the Level 2 Covid Alert with a moderate level of Covid-19 according to the CDC. At-risk...

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Dominica is well known for its unspoilt mountainous nature, habitat to thick green forestry, 365 rivers, towering waterfalls, and volcanic activity.

Whale Watching

The island’s geothermal activity and formations result in an underwater haven for the majestic sperm whale where they are discovered to inhabit all year long.

Indigenous Population

Dominica is home to the world’s most significant remaining pre-Columbian Kalinago population. The island’s 3,700-acre Kalinago Territory welcomes visitors to its informative tours and hikes.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Dominica’s UNESCO World Heritage Site; from steep waterfalls to volcanoes and pools, the 17,000-acre park houses an impressive collection of natural phenomena worth hiking.

Pirates of The Caribbean (film)

The Disney movie sequel was filmed entirely in Dominica with notable scenes in the island’s emerald pool.

Mountain Chicken (Dish)

Dominica’s first and unofficial national dish. Native to the island, the now endangered and protected giant ditch frog was popular.