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Never stop exploring! Beyond your every expectation is Curaçao’s radiant Caribbean getaway. Located outside the hurricane belt, nestled between Aruba and Bonaire is the historical and culturally rich Dutch island of Curaçao. Absorb the perfect weather, wandering the UNESCO World Heritage City, venturing through major museums, pastel coloured colonial structures and across the picturesque floating bridge in Willemstad. Surrender to the island’s exhilarating pulse as you skydive or plunge and snorkel deep beneath the prolific reefs, soaking up all the excitement Curaçao delivers. Beautiful by nature and people, Bon Bini! Welcome to Curaçao!

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COVID Guidelines

COVID Guidelines

Curaçao currently lies on the Level 4 Covid Alert with a high level of Covid-19 according to the CDC. It...
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General Information

Curaçao is a Dutch island country situated in the Caribbean Sea, 37 miles off the northern Venezuelan coast. As a...

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Best known for

Mount Christoffel

The largest national park of Curaçao richly adorned with native flora and fauna species and several hiking trails with varying difficulties.

Fort Amsterdam

Constructed in the 1600s, Curaçao’s most preserved fort, situated in the capital city.


The country’s capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to several cultural attractions.

Queen Emma Bridge

Curaçao’s floating bridge connecting the capital, known for its frequent hinge swaying to permit passing vessels.

Klein (Little) Curacao

An uninhabited 1.7 sq km island, off the south coast of Curaçao, enhanced with a long white-sand beach, fantastic for beach parties and diving.

Keshi Yena (Dish)

A traditional main course dish in Curaçao, Keshi Yena is a savory stuffed cheese dish originating in the 17th century from the Dutch Empire slaves in the Dutch West Indies. Papiamentu for stuffed cheese, Keshi Yena is usually gouda or Edam cheese stuffed with spiced and grounded meats and vegetables, traditionally baked in an empty sausage can or plantain leaf

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