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Escape into the Caribbean and traverse the tropical trio-sister islands of the Cayman Islands. Venture under, above, and beyond crystalline waters, plunging shorelines, and history-rich plains within the bounds of windswept white coasts. Settled in the western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands surrenders three times the fun and adventure with exquisitely unique attractions waiting to be discovered at every corner. Nosedive the Caribbean’s top diving spots before retreating to seven luscious miles of coral sand or snorkelling at night to witness luminous magic. A habitat for water-loving fun, the Cayman Islands is the essence of sea, sand and sun.

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General Information

General Information

Situated in the western Caribbean Sea northwest of Jamaica is the Cayman Islands, an autonomous British Overseas Territory. Spanning 102...
COVID Guidelines

COVID Guidelines

The Cayman Islands currently rank on the Level 1 Covid alert with a low level of Covid-19 according to the...

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Best known for

Bloody Bay Well

One of the world’s most sought-after diving sites! Bloody Bay Wall on Little Cayman is an incredible limestone wall and diving site, plunging between 3,000 ft to 6,000 ft underwater, running parallel to the island’s shoreline.

Stingray City

Named after the abundance of stingrays present, here visitors can snorkel, swim, or boat tour with the island’s affectionate stingrays.

Seven Mile Beach

A luxurious crescent of sun-kissed coral-white sand and bright blue waters stretching a long and lovely seven miles surrounded by activities to keep the day

Diving Sites

The Cayman Islands brags of the most unparalleled and thrill-inducing diving sites ever to be experienced!

Tax Free/ George Town

Cayman’s capital city. George Town is a well known offshore banking hub with attractive duty-free shopping neatly decorated by the Harbour’s colourful buildings and historic tourist attractions.