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Get lost in paradise! Resting in the Northern Atlantic; a vibrant hook of tiny islands with rich adventures make up the illustrious islands of Bermuda. Home to more than pink sandy beaches, Bermuda washes up a wealth of fun under the sun. Nose-dive into the mystical blue hole grotto before going deeper into the azure underwater lake. Dig into the fresh island vibes as you explore the preserved flamboyant city with authentic Bermudian cuisine on the agenda. Hungry for more adventure? Today’s catch is Bermuda!

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COVID Guidelines

COVID Guidelines

Bermuda currently exists on the Level 4 Covid-Alert with a very high level of Covid-19 according to the CDC. Travellers...
General Information

General Information

Bermuda is an overseas British territory in the northern Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago consists of 181 islands, islets, and cays...

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Best known for

Rum Swizzle

Dubbed Bermuda’s national drink, Rum Swizzle is the famous potent rum cocktail served on ice across the islands.

Fish Chowder

Bermuda’s well-loved national dish; a tomato-based fish chowder soup, specially seasoned with black rum and pepper sauce.

Golf Course

Home to nine sweeping golf courses, Bermuda has the world’s highest concentration of golf courses per square mile.

St. George Town

The country’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. George Town is the first English settlement in Bermuda (1600’s) furnished with centuries of striking architecture and preserved historic sites.


Bermuda’s warm, calm waters are idyllic for thrilling watersports from snorkeling shipwrecks to sailing and fishing on an internationally competitive level.