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A beach a day keeps the doctor away and Antigua washes up 365 sandy white bays.  Experience, Escape and Explore 108 square miles, brimming with big adventures. Gorgeously lodged in the Caribbean Sea, Antigua is surrounded by palm-fringed beaches overflowing with diverse sun-soaked pleasures. Sail the island’s turquoise waters or capture the glistening shores from above in an intimate helicopter ride. Home to many hidden gems, Antigua volunteers visitors with scenic expeditions through its fragrant green forests. Spend time in the island’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, wandering through the marvellous marina, museum and more! It’s just what the doctor ordered, unbutton and lounge in the refreshing tropical coasts of Antigua.

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General Information

Antigua is a Caribbean island situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Sitting at the southern end of the Leeward Islands,...
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COVID Guidelines

Antigua currently ranks on the Level 4 Covid alert which is a very high level of Covid-19 according to the...

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Sailing Week

The Caribbean’s premier regatta running half a century, Antigua is home to one of the world’s largest sailing events held at the end of April annually.


A bat and ball game popular in the commonwealth and British territories bearing similarities to baseball.

Nelson Dockyard

Antigua’s original British maritime hub and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This restored site is a major tourist attraction packed with varied cultural and historical activities.


Known for having a beach for each day of the year, Antigua is home to 365 white and pink-sand beaches.

Pillars of Hercules

A geological marvel, the Pillars of Hercules is a phalanx of weathered rocks, forming an interesting landscape with an ideal diving spot. The pillars are best viewed by the sea at the English Bay Harbour.

Sir Vivian Richards

One of the greatest cricketer batsmen of all time birthed out of the rich soil of Antigua, Sir Vivian Richards is the personification of the island’s extensive cricket legacy