Best Time To Visit The Islands

Globally, uncovering the Caribbean islands has become the holy grail of many bucket lists. Overflowing with diverse cocktails of unique cultural experiences, wildlife adventures, mouth-watering cuisine and the nuances in-between, the region proves to be the ultimate tourist capital. With a warm embrace to all, the Caribbean’s untouched beauty and charming locals welcome eager travellers […]

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4 Corners of Caribbean Street Foods

A melting pot, or callaloo, of cultures; the Caribbean dishes out centuries of colonial past, assimilation and adaptations, manifested in its mouth-watering cuisine. Birthed from the ancestors preserving a fragment of home, the islands tastefully fuse traditionally mother-land recipes with the spices of the Caribbean, resulting in heavenly flavours unimagined. A stroll through the streets […]

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The Caribbean’s Top Regattas

Much like the animated streets of the islands buzz with high spirited energy, so do the shores sparkle with its own exploits. A true haven for sea adventure, the Caribbean washes up endless sand and salt activities that leave a long lasting taste. The region’s aquamarine waters, coupled with white-sand shores, warmly welcomes sailors to […]

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5 Caribbean Forts to Visit with Relaxcation

Dazzling shorelines, tasty food and friendly people; the Caribbean islands whisk together the ideal recipe for a dose of pampering escapism. Its warm waters, every shade of blue humanly imaginable, relinquishes extraordinary expeditions whether beneath or atop. But beyond the palm-fringed beaches, sometimes perched in the forests, are the true bastions of the islands’ remarkable […]

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Welcome to Relaxcation

Rooted in the blue Caribbean Sea, flanked by the American continents, is a network of thousands of islands, chains and archipelagos forming what is known as the Caribbean Region. Long identified as the West Indies, the Caribbean Region encompasses larger islands of the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles and historically and politically the Lucayan Archipelago. […]

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