The mecca of all carnivals, Trinidad welcomes droves of avid revellers ripe with ecstasy and euphoria for its yearly carnival celebrations. While most of Trinidad’s yearly activities revolve around the preparation of the ‘greatest show on earth’, months of fetes, extravagant parties, cultural reenactments and musical shows culminate on Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday. Scores flock the streets of the capital gyrating in a diverse range of flamboyantly elaborate costumes to the melodic sounds of local genres, Soca and Calypso. Ushering in the Mondaycelebration is J’Ouvert, a day-break street parade starting in the early 3 AM hours- here participants and partiers are covered in oil, paint, mud and the spirit of revelry. Indisputably, a visit to Trinidad is best enjoyed for its world-renowned Carnival festivities between February and March.